Sex Addiction Counseling Naperville IL

Realizing that you or a loved one is suffering from sex addiction can have numerous implications. When your sexual behavior directly impacts the lives of those around you, it can result in feelings of confusion and emotional numbness in Naperville IL. Many individuals completely withdraw from activities they cherish and practice self-destructive behaviors. These unhealthy coping methods can become harmful, both physically and emotionally. But the licensed therapists at Mark MacDonald & Associates near Naperville IL will help put you on the path to sex addiction recovery in our caring and supportive environment.

Patients frequently focus blame entirely on themselves, allowing their sex addiction to consume their life and that of their partner. At Mark MacDonald & Associates, we practice a multifaceted treatment process which addresses the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of patients in Naperville IL. Our team of licensed therapists are here to provide you with coping strategies to begin your healing journey. We take the time to understand the motivations of each individual struggling with sex addiction in Naperville. Our recovery community is here for you. All you need to do is reach out.

If you're struggling with sex addiction in Naperville IL or the surrounding communities, the health professionals at Mark MacDonald & Associates are here to help. Contact us by calling 630-462-8810 or by emailing us at You can also schedule your initial consultation online here:

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