Professional Marriage CounselingNaperville IL

From arguments over major financial decisions, to staying together for the sake of the children, distinct divides can develop between once happy couples in Naperville IL. All these signs signify a need for professional marriage counseling to rebuild honesty and openness. Many couples incorrectly assume that it is the job of the therapist to “fix” their partner or the marriage itself. The goal of marriage counseling at Mark MacDonald & Associates is for our licensed therapists to help facilitate reconciliation in valued relationships. Developing trust between partners requires each individual to outline long-term goals for continual growth.

Unfortunately, many couples in Naperville IL let tension and stress build up for years before seeking professional marriage counseling. At Mark MacDonald & Associates, we advocate a multifaceted approach to marriage counseling, by combining professional expertise, validated therapeutic interventions, and sensitivity to the spiritual values of our clients. Therapy can be very emotional for both partners, but our licensed counselors are here to assist you in coping with your struggles in Naperville IL. By openly communicating your needs, we can outline strategies that lead towards a happy, healthy, and rewarding relationship.

Mark MacDonald & Associates offers a full range of faith-based marriage counseling services. Reach out to our certified therapists today at 630-462-8810 or by emailing us at You can also schedule your initial consultation online here:

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