Sarah Hamm

Sarah has had a passion for mental health since she was thirteen years old and found herself sinking her identity into what mainstream culture and popular psychology had to offer. Little help was found through believing she was an INFJ, enneagram 3, etc. However, over the years she's found her personal struggles are best addressed through relationships with God and others - her identity is not found in what she does or what is done to her. That's why therapy is so valuable: the gift of godly community is a strong source of healing.

Exploring your values, your story, is a part of the journey that will be shared together in therapy. Together with scientifically based methods of improving your mental health, the aim will not be just for symptom management, but for true wellness of your mind, body and soul. This process will be shaped by your goals and desires. Together, you will begin to find healing that allows for you to live a life full of purpose, wellness and peace.


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Body Image
  • Questions of faith and religion
  • Women's issues
  • Adolescents/young adults

Sarah is currently in her last year of a master's program at Wheaton College to attain her degree as a licensed mental health professional. She loves to read fantasy books, weightlift and enjoy a good nap. Sarah also enjoys talking about how much she loves her home state of South Carolina and beach metaphors run in her veins.

Contact Sarah at, 630-642-8810, or through our online scheduling system.