Bobby Jackson, MSW

Find someone you like. This is the first piece of advice I usually give to those searching for a therapist. Perhaps you were told to look for a certain certification, a set of initials, or a particular theory on a website or bio. But maybe you are afraid of making the "wrong choice." Studies have shown that the biggest indicator of success is the connection made between the counselor and client rather than the theory or certification. You can trust yourself. If you like the therapist, chances are that you are in good hands.

That said, perhaps you would like to know a bit about me. I received my master's degree from the University of Chicago in Social Work with an emphasis on children and youth. Before getting into counseling, I was a combat medic in the Army and a youth pastor. Through these experiences, I have found most young people come to therapy because they are having difficulty figuring out how to navigate their feelings or relationships with the people closest to them. Because of that, I help people see their own systems (family, community, world) more clearly, and work to create tools to cope with those systems more effectively. My hope in working with you is to help you find success navigating the relationships closest to you.

Contact Bobby at, 630-642-8810, or through our online scheduling system.